Roli’s pro Lumi marries keyboard tradition with expressive MIDI features


This Lumi is MPE-enabled and integrates with modular Blocks to either add a wider variety of music tools or even to create a longer keyboard — you can have a 96-key board if you really want it. And while you’re less likely to need the Lumi’s signature lighting if you’re a seasoned pro, it’s still around to help with arpeggios and unfamiliar keys.

You can pre-order the Studio Edition now ahead of its January 2021 release in a “limited-time” $269 bundle that includes Roli Studio software suite, a case, three sound packs and a $50 voucher for apps like Equator2. The price climbs to $299 once the deal is over. Don’t despair if you already have a Lumi, though. Roli will deliver the pitchbending and aftertouch to existing users through a firmware update due in January. Really, the Studio Edition is more for experienced creators who want a wide set of features and tools from the outset.




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