Resident Evil Village Guide: How to Farm Lei Currency

The Lei currency in Resident Evil Village allows you to buy supplies and make weapon upgrades. Here's how you can get more of it.


Resident Evil Village is the latest installment in the renowned survival-horror franchise. It’s a direct narrative sequel to 2017’s Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, continuing the story of Ethan Winters in an enigmatic Romanian village. Like the previous game, Resident Evil Village uses a first-person perspective, and its inventory system is inspired by that of Resident Evil 4.
The game also features a merchant named Duke, who trades currency called Lei for various items and upgrades, similarly to RE4. However, this elusive in-game currency can be pretty hard to come by, given that there isn’t much of it around the village and the hazardous creatures.
If you have recently started playing Resident Evil Village, consider checking out the tips and tricks in this guide to maximize your Lei earnings for upgrades and buying supplies. After all, the progression system heavily relies on it.

Meet the Duke

The Duke is a mysterious merchant in the village, one of the few characters friendly towards Ethan Winters. Surprisingly, he seems to be the only gent who’s safe from all the dangers and chaos around the unknown village. Here are a few more things you should know about the Duke’s Emporium:

  • The Duke’s inventory is tied to your in-game progression. Thus, you can’t really grind Lei and purchase thousands of healing supplies from him. You can only buy a fixed amount of any item from the Emporium.
  • Unless you are running low on health or ammo, there’s absolutely no reason for you to buy consumables from the Duke. Even on normal difficulty, you should be able to find enough of them throughout the village and survive every hazardous encounter.
  • Instead, try to save Lei for weapon upgrades only. You can begin by focusing heavily on ammo conservation.
  • When you reach max upgrades on a particular weapon, you unlock unlimited ammunition for your next playthrough, making it easier for you to beat the game on a higher difficulty level. Hence, consider saving your Lei to upgrade only a handful of weapons, like the LEMI and Magnum 1851.
    It’s worth mentioning that bonus rifles like the Dragoon allow you to immediately unlock unlimited ammo, though you will need 30,000 challenge points for it.
  • We don’t recommend you to sell meat from killing fish, chickens, goats, or pigs to the Duke unless you finish upgrading all your stats. If you already have completed the stat upgrades, you can sell the meat to the Duke at a slightly higher price.
  • As you progress more in the story, you will find valuable treasures to sell to the Duke at astonishing prices. Check out the following section to learn more.

Opportunities to farm Lei

The Lei currency in RE Village is found all over the map. You can find it in cupboards, drawers, barrels, crates, and other places. It can also drop from killing Lycans and other undead creatures. Plus, you can trade various items with the Duke for Lei. Here are some helpful tips for you to farm more Lei for supplies and upgrades:

  • Considering there’s a fixed number of enemies in the game, the amount of Lei you can gather in your playthrough is also limited.
  • Every mob in the game has a chance to drop Lei when killed, including animals like crows. If you have good aim, you can earn a good amount of Lei by shooting crows, though they tend to fly away when missed.
  • When exploring the map, areas and rooms will turn from red to blue when fully looted. If you happen to loot a room entirely and it still appears red on the map, check the walls and roofs for a small shiny glow. Shooting them down gives you valuable items to sell to the Duke.
  • Some enemies can drop unique treasures like crystal skulls. You can also trade them for Lei at the Duke’s Emporium.
  • Make sure to examine every item you find, as a handful of them can be dismantled for additional treasure items.
  • A few of the treasures in the game are combinable. They can be worth double or more in value once you find all the items’ missing pieces. Unless you unintentionally sold another piece before, you should never sell combinable treasures immediately after finding them.
    To tell whether you can combine a treasure, open your inventory and check the item’s description. You will also see a slot indicating how many pieces you will need to complete the object.
  • Bosses in the game drop unique crystal items, which you can sell to the Duke for huge amounts of Lei. It also applies to optional bosses– more on that in the following section.
  • If you are trying to upgrade only a couple of weapons fully, consider selling your extra ammo from weapons you don’t often use for more Lei.

Killing optional bosses for Lei

This section has a few spoilers, so avoid reading this if it’s your first playthrough of Resident Evil Village.
Besides the main bosses, there are a few hidden and optional bosses that drop a considerable amount of Lei when killed. You can find them as you make progress through the story and thoroughly explore the areas. Each of the bosses drops 15,000 Lei and more, further making it simpler to upgrade your weapons.
The first optional boss spawns in the graveyard outside Lady Beneviento’s place. It appears only when you bring a Broken Slab from the crypt in the central graveyard near the bridge next to Dimitrescu’s castle. You can acquire it right after you get access to the mausoleum in the story. When you put the Broken Slab back to Beneviento’s graveyard, the boss will appear and attack you. It drops 15,000 Lei when killed. Plus, you can use the Broken Slab to open up Claudia Beneviento’s grave and sell the treasure item to the Duke for more Lei.
You will encounter the next mini-boss in a hidden area before meeting Karl Heisenberg. Once you are done exploring Moraeu’s Reservoir section, Heisenberg will lure you to his factory for a boss fight. On the way, you should find a signboard saying “Good Luck.” Ignore it and head to the left to Otto’s Mill area. You will discover another Axe Giant inside there. Killing it will give you a Giant Crystal Axe, which you can sell to the Duke for massive profits. Plus, the area has plenty of hidden consumables for you to collect.

Wrapping up

These are the tips and tricks you can follow to farm more Lei in Resident Evil Village. While Lei can sometimes be pretty hard to find, you can conserve your ammo, efficiently use consumables, and explore every corner of the map to maximize your earnings.
If you find this guide helpful and you want us to cover other game guides like this, make sure to leave your feedback in the comments!



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