Resident Evil Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Costumes In Division 2


To celebrate 25 years of terror, Resident Evil and The Division 2 are crossing over and allowing Division fans to don iconic RE outfits.

This year marks the Resident Evil franchise’s 25th anniversary; one way fans can celebrate is by taking part in The Division 2‘s Apparel Event, which will allow agents to unlock a host of Resident Evil-themed cosmetics. Of course, there are several other ways with which to celebrate the horror series’ milestone year, thanks to the impending release of Resident Evil Village.

During today’s Resident Evil Showcase, Capcom finally unveiled RE Village’s release date. Players on PC, last-gen, and current-gen hardware can expect to step back into the shoes of Ethan Winters in just a few months’ time on May 7. The online event additionally debuted a new story trailer, as well as a first glimpse at RE Village’s gameplay. But before exploring the franchise’s new and creepy locale, fans can show their love for the brand elsewhere.

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Starting on February 2, The Division 2 will celebrate Resident Evil’s 25th anniversary with an Apparel Event set to run until February 15. During the event, Division agents will get to unlock caches filled with Resident Evil-themed cosmetic items. The event should feature 21 items in all, including RE outfit items, arm patches, weapon skins, and backpack trophies. In addition, Ubisoft revealed that every player who logs onto The Division 2 during the limited-time event will net a three-piece Leon Kennedy RPD outfit.

This is a rather surprising crossover, but the two series seem to match relatively well, based on the little shown in the announcement trailer. Since Ubisoft has been on a roll with crossovers of late, it was only a matter of time before the Assassin’s Creed publisher and Capcom partnered in some form.

Now the wait is on for RE Village’s release this May. A direct sequel to Resident Evil 7, the forthcoming entry will once more place players in the role of Ethan Winters. Obviously, he and his wife, Mia, can’t catch a break. Ethan’s latest adventure will take him to a strange village and an even stranger castle, a setting that’s sure to boast many nightmare-inducing frights. Playstation 5 players can get a taste of it right now by downloading an exclusive Maiden demo through the PlayStation Store. Capcom intends to launch a separate demo sometime during the spring across all platforms.

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Resident Evil Village launches on May 7 for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S platforms. The Division 2 is available digitally and at retail now.

Source: Ubisoft, Resident Evil

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