Reddit Chat Rooms Rolled out in a Limited Beta


Reddit has started providing real-time chat rooms for a limited number of users which it has been working for the past one year testing its beta version.

“Mods need to chat in real time to not just moderate their communities, but also to collaborate and build their communities. Reddit Live contributors use chat to coordinate and surface the most important information,” Reddit states. “There are also a bunch of subreddits that are more organically social in nature, and right now they need to leave Reddit to create the experience they desire.”

The whole thing was revealed after having enough experimental testing through moderators equipped with tools to make the process interesting and try different things from suspending a user for a minute to 3 days, lock a room, cease all activities and many more.

The moderators were actively involved in facilitating community-based chat rooms, collaborate and build their communities said Reddit in a statement.

For using the experience of chat rooms in making Reddit Chat rooms more lively around 7000 Reddit users were provided with the opportunity of real-time chat rooms which were helped by moderators.

Reddit members with access to the chat beta will see a Rooms tab in their Chat inbox. This section will list all room invitations, joined rooms, and a Recommended section based on subreddit subscriptions. You can also find a list of rooms here although it’s not complete given many communities may not want the traffic.

The chat rooms are minimalist, with much of the focus on the words shared by users.  For the users, you have joined there is a list of rooms on the left and can be swapped with a click.

Sharing the process to gain from the experiment of live chat rooms across the communities ityoclys a Reddit product designer said “When we started, we knew that most people didn’t personally know other redditors, since the core of the Reddit experience is pseudonymous sharing and discussion, So we wanted to make sure there was a place for people in the betas to test chat, give feedback, and have a bit of fun. Perhaps most importantly, we wanted to get to know people using chat and learn from them.” He is taking chat room feedback from users for the past one year.

Several subreddits use chat room feature but these exist outside Reddit generally on Slack or Discord and to roll live chat rooms is allurement for Reddit users to engage back.


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