Recover deleted photos on Instagram


Surely you have deleted Instagram photos that you want to recover and do not know how? The same happened to me recently and I was able to recover most of the photos I had deleted, some unintentionally, others because they did not convince me.

Today I want to teach you to recover deleted Instagram photos, to avoid being erased, and I will also teach you how to save the photos without anyone seeing them and be able to recover them with the same likes and comments (I tell you that it is called archiving photos in Instagram) which is very helpful for my Instagram followers.

Let’s see in detail the three parts:

Recover deleted photos on Instagram (with apps, or in other ways;). Prevent them from being deleted by accident. Archive photos on Instagram to retrieve them with likes and comments. Before you start, if what you’re looking for is “How to recover the Instagram password” click on the link.

Recover deleted photos

When you have deleted an Instagram photo you will have to recover it through a copy that you may have stored in:

  • Your cellphone
  • Other accounts in social networks
  • WhatsApp conversations with your friends
  • Saved on your computer
  • Uploads to the cloud

These 4 previous points are important because, if you want to recover a deleted photo, you should be in one of these 4 places.

The first step to recover it is to search these sites. If you can not find it, there are apps to recover deleted images.

Search on your mobile

Open the image gallery of your mobile and search in all the folders you have. Open all the folders, sometimes there are images stored in places you would never expect and … zas! The photo you want so much to find appears.

Search them in other social networks

Another very common place to find deleted photos are social networks. Thanks to the share button it is very tentative to upload the same photo to two different social networks. If you have deleted a photo on Instagram you can probably find it on Facebook, Twitter or whatever you use.

Conversations by WhatsApp

How many times have you asked your boyfriend, friend, relative … to take a picture? Cool! That is very good!

I’m almost sure that, if the photo was made by another person with his mobile phone, the picture of WhatsApp went through. If you are not one of those who clean the conversations, you can surely recover the WhatsApp photo.

In case you do not have it on WhatsApp, ask the person who made the photo. Let’s see if we are lucky…

Backup on your computer

There are proactive people who upload the images to your computer and have thousands and thousands of folders with photos, separated by years, experiences and moments. I do not do it, but when I want to recover a deleted photo and I cannot recover it, I think of these great previsors that keep photos on their computer.

Upload them to the cloud

The majority of young people, and more and more adults, have a cloud account where they keep their most precious digital assets: the video of a nephew who has just been born, photos of the grandparents, images of their wedding …

If you are a provisor, you probably have a backup of your photos in the cloud.

iPhone users can use iCloud. Android users, and also iPhone users, can use Google Photos. I have an iPhone and I use both.

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