Ray Fisher Says Losing Cyborg is Worth Bringing Down DC Films President


On the heels of his removal from The Flash, Ray Fisher says losing the Cyborg role is all worth it if it means getting rid of DC Films boss.

While it’s ultimately disappointing, Ray Fisher says that losing his Cyborg role is worth it if it means that DC Films Head Walter Hamada will also be held accountable for trying to meddle in the Justice League investigation. The actor debuted in Zack Snyder’s 2016 film, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and reprised the role once in the Warner Bros. ensemble superhero project the year after.

This all began when Fisher went public with serious allegations against Justice League interim director Joss Whedon while they were working on the project. The former Marvel filmmaker took over the movie after Snyder had to step down from directing duties due to a personal tragedy. Initially, Fisher was supportive of this decision, explaining that they were told that Snyder had a hand in choosing his successor, but it was later revealed that wasn’t the case. Fisher claims that Whedon was toxic and racist on the set of Justice League — something that was enabled by Jon Berg and Geoff Johns. While Hamada supposedly has no issues throwing Whedon and Berg under the bus, he remains supportive of Johns, so much so that he tried to convince Fisher to let him off the hook.

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This didn’t sit well with the actor and a complicated public battle began, with Fisher officially confirming previous news that Cyborg was written out of The Flash film as part of Hamada’s retaliation. In a statement, however, the actor says that he’s totally fine with missing out on the opportunity to star alongside Ezra Miller in the upcoming DCEU film if that means that Hamada will be accountable for his action. Check out Fisher‘s full statement below:

It hasn’t been long ago when Fisher came out and debunked reports that Cyborg was written out of The Flash film. In his statement, also released through his official Twitter account, he said that the news was part of Warner Bros.’ attempt to distract people from Hamada remaining as the DC Films head despite his earlier accusations. WarnerMedia then came out with their own presser, emphasizing that they are standing by the results of the investigation of the matter which doesn’t affect both Johns and Hamada. The company also urged the actor to move on from this issue. Clearly, even if they’ve gotten rid of Fisher, this matter will continue since the actor is adamant that he’s going to see this through.

Cyborg was once slated for his own solo adventure, but after a string of changes to the DCEU, it was effectively scrapped from their slate. Now that he’s no longer part of The Flash film, his next confirmed appearance is the upcoming Snyder Cut Justice League set to hit HBO Max this year. After that, it’s unknown what the future lies for the actor and the role in the DCEU moving forward.

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