Ray Fisher Confirms WB Has Removed Cyborg (& Him) from The Flash Movie


Justice League star Ray Fisher confirms he will not appear as Cyborg in The Flash following the decision to remove the character from the film.

Ray Fisher confirms he will not play Cyborg in The Flash, as Warner Bros. informed him he and the character have been removed from the movie. The role of Victor Stone was expected to be a breakout role for Ray Fisher when Zack Snyder hired him to play the part in the DC Extended Universe. He had a small role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and a reduced role in the theatrical cut of Justice League, but the latter will be restored with the Snyder Cut. The long-term future for Fisher’s time as Cyborg originally included roles in The Flash and a solo Cyborg movie.

However, Fisher’s future as Cyborg has been a major question in recent months due to the actor’s ongoing battle with Warner Bros. and DC Films. Fisher has taken a very public stand to call out the unprofessional behavior that came during post-production on Justice League. His focus originally was on director Joss Whedon and producers Jon Berg and Geoff Johns. More recently, Fisher has turned his attention to current DC Films president Walter Hamada for enabling them. All of this has taken place while Fisher was reportedly still in negotiations to return as Cyborg in Ezra Miller’s The Flash.

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These plans have now officially changed. Fisher posted a lengthy statement on Twitter about the continued fight with WB and DC. While he discusses many aspects of it in the post, Fisher starts off by confirming that he will not be in The Flash. The actor says he’s finally received the official word from WB and DC that they’ve cut him and Cyborg from the movie. He says he “strongly disagrees” with this decision but finds the outcome “unsurprising.” His full statement can be read below:

Fisher confirming neither he nor Cyborg will be in The Flash will likely be disappointing news for many fans. Cyborg’s screentime was already limited in the DCEU projects he did appear in, and plans for The Flash gave him a bigger role. Older iterations of the movie reportedly made Cyborg a co-star. There were conflicting reports about the size of his role in the current version of the film from IT director Andy Muscietti and written by Christina Hodson. Despite Cyborg’s role being described as barely more than a cameo that consisted of just three scenes, Fisher claims that this is not accurate and a bigger role was in store.

WB’s decision to remove Fisher and Cyborg from The Flash isn’t shocking, though, especially after recent events. Fisher said that he would never work on a movie that Hamada is involved with ever again. However, WB extended Hamada’s contract to stay on as the leader of the DCEU. While Fisher is trying to bring down Hamada, the studios clearly are backing the DCEU’s leader at this time. So unless Hamada is fired in the future, Fisher won’t just miss out on playing Cyborg in The Flash, but he’s likely done playing the role completely. Only time will tell if that changes, or if WB and DC decide to recast to continue using the character without Fisher.

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