Qualcomm’s New Ultrasonic In-Display Fingerprint Scanners is Way Bigger


Qualcomm has just announced its new 3D Sonic Max Fingerprint scanner. The company has held its annual tech summit where they have disclosed this all-new tech i.e. 3D Sonic Max. What makes this scanner different from the existing ones is it is way, way bigger.

Apparently, the new version of Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner is 17 times bigger than the current scanners. If we talk about the measurement of this new scanner than it is 30.6×19.2mm with the standard measurement of .91 square inches.

Qualcomm had first unveiled their new Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner for smartphones named with 3D Sonic Sensor in April month. Today, they have officially showcased this new generation of Sonic Sensor to the world. The ultrasonic fingerprint scanner uses the latest technology that measures sound pressure waves to read the ridges of your fingers.

This means that the Fingerprint Scanner will be more powerful and efficient and won’t work with any other materials. In a nutshell, the Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner will work more reliably than the optical scanner which you can see in most smartphones.

Apart from the bigger measurement of the scanner on the display, this Scanner would be able to read two fingers at a time. That means you can use multiple fingers at a time to make it more secured.

Additionally, the company has also said that the new 3D Sonic Scanner will be much faster than the previous generation of its fingerprint scanner. So you will be able to unlock your device faster than the previous ones. You will also get to work on other apps for authentication using this super faster 3D Sonic Scanner.

After hearing this news, most of the tech enthusiasts have one come up with one common question i.e. when should they able to see the new 3D Sonic Fingerprint Scanner in real life? Apparently, Qualcomm has not spoken a single word on the availability of the new 3D Sonic Scanner.

The new 3D Sonic Scanner still requires some modifications to make it more stable before launching in the real tech-world. We will receive more updates from Qualcomm on this all-new tech with its Fingerprint Scanner.

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