Qualcomm Snapdragon 670, 640 and 460 Specification Leaked


Earlier this month Qualcomm announced their Flagship mobile platforms, Snapdragon 845. It is considered to be the most powerful mobile chip in the world and will appear premium flagship devices next year. Apart from their flagship SoC, Qualcomm is also working on its mid-range lineup which is going to replace the current mid-range SoCs such as Snapdragon 660, Snapdragon 625 and Snapdragon 450.

A leaked image on Weibo reveals the specifications of Qualcomm’s next mid-range chipsets Snapdragon 670, Snapdragon 640 and Snapdragon 460.

The Snapdragon 670 is the successor of the 660 chipsets and will going to power up the upper mid-range phones. It will be a 10nm chip made up of 4x Kryo 360 Gold cores based on the Cortex-A75 and clocked at 2.0GHZ and another 4x Kryo 385 Silver cores based on the A55 and clocked at 1.60GHz.

The GPU has also been upgraded from the Adreno 512 to the Adreno 620. For imaging, the Snapdragon 670 will come with the Spectra 260 ISP with support for one 26MP sensor or two 13MP sensors. And the baseband is upgraded to X16 (up to 1Gbps).

The Snapdragon 640 is going to be a regular mid-range chip; It will also be built on a 10nm node and also feature an octa-core configuration. It will contain 2x Kryo 360 Gold cores clocked at 2.15GHz and 6x Kryo 360 Silver cores clocked 1.55GHz. The GPU is upgraded to Adreno 610 and carries the same image processor as the Snapdragon 670.

The Snapdragon 460 will going to be a low-end chip. It is built on the 14nm node with octa-core configuration with Adreno 605 GPU. It contains 4x Kryo 360 Silver cores at 1.8GHz and 4x Kryo 360 Silver cores at 1.4GHz. It comes with a Spectra 240 ISP supporting maximum a 21MP camera.

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