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What I was not expecting when I opened the Peak Pro box was the Puffco Power Dock. This dual-purpose base station and wireless Qi charger acts as a mobile external battery for both the Peak Pro and the rest of your electronic devices. That is, the dock will only charge the Pro wirelessly, everything else will have to be connected via USB-A. Like the Peak Pro, the dock itself is charged using a USB-C port but the output socket uses the older but far more common USB variety. I would have loved to see Puffco include a USB-A to USB-C adapter so I could charge my Pixel 2 with it but you can pick up a perfectly good adapter from Amazon for less than $10. The dock houses a 6,000 mAh battery, which is enough to fully, wirelessly recharge the Pro as well as help bring your dead phone back from its unpowered grave.

I’m not a fan of gadgets needing smartphone apps — I mean Hue lights and Ring cameras, I understand, I just don’t know if my vaporizer really needs one. The Puffco app is perfectly helpful, mind you. The home screen lists your Peak’s nickname, the battery remaining, the active temperature profile and color scheme, the current bowl temperature, as well as your daily and lifetime dab totals. Flip over to the heat profiles tab and you can pick from one of four “active” profiles or delve into the archive section which holds dozens of customized heat settings. 

In each custom profile, you can dictate the temperature, duration and color displayed while the unit is on. I generally found myself using one of the preloaded settings throughout the testing but if you’re really into concentrates and want to customize each session to the specific variety of hash you have on hand, that’s totally doable. The archive can hold dozens of custom entries, though you will have to load it into the four-profile Active section for it to work.

And if the rubberized pedestal wasn’t enough of a hint that the Peak Pro is built to be the centerpiece of a session, the app also offers a trio of light patterns — pulse, wave, and disco. It’s no Winamp visualizer but the patterns are entertaining enough while you’re busy melting into the couch. There’s also a stealth mode which turns off all the lighting that I find, quite frankly, confusing as hell. Like, unless you planned to sneak this thing into a movie theater (ah the good old days of 2019) and get silly during a screening of Tenet what’s even the point?

Overall, the $400 Peak Pro feels, looks, and works in the way that I had hoped the original Peak would. While the OG Peak was and is certainly a novel and groundbreaking cannabis consumption device, looking back it never really shook the “prototype-y” vibes I got on the Pepcom show floor. The Peak Pro is far more polished, better engineered, and feels like a finished product. If you want to try a Pro for yourself, pre-orders began at the beginning of the month and shipments should start being delivered later this week.

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