PUBG Update 9.2 Adds Dirt Bikes And A New Kind Of Battle Pass


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has received an update, introducing a major new form of battle pass along with some interesting features. Update 9.2 introduces the new “Battle Bride Pass,” as well as a dirt bike for high-speed escapes and shootouts.

The update is live now on PC, and will come to PS4 and Xbox One (and PS5/Xbox Series X/S through backwards compatibility) on November 26.

The Battle Bride Pass is a battle pass that focuses in on a single character–in this case, Sadiya Qureshi. Players will be able to unlock new skins for the character by progressing through 15 levels, with the pass being separate from the currently running Survivor Pass: Highlands.

The new Dirt Bike vehicle can travel at speeds up to 80mph, and appears on every map except Karakin. It’s excellent both on and off the road, and pairs well with a new ability added in this update: driver shooting. This means that you can steer your vehicle and fire a gun at the same time, letting you take out enemies without needing to ram right into them.

Some weapon balance changes have been made too, with sidearms (the only guns that can be fired while driving) receiving improved damage multipliers, aiming, and more tweaks. Prepare for more drive-by shootings from solo players.

Season 9 of PUBG started in October, and it added a new map, Paramo.

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