PUBG MOBILE Payload Mode now available: Helicopters, rocket launchers now available for everyone


Ever since rumors about the Payload Mode in PUBG MOBILE broke out, fans have been looking forward to trying their hands out in this new mode that offers air-to-air combat for players. And now, the new Payload Mode is live in the PUBG Mobile and you try it right there from Arcade Mode.

The Payload Mode in PUBG Mobile offers choppers and rocket launchers in the game for air-to-air combat. One can fly helicopters in the skies and let their team members attack on the ground. On the other hand, enemies can also attack on the helicopter from ground with the help of rocket launchers. You can play as an individual or as a squad.

Players will be dropped on Erangel in the same old PUBG way but they will be treated to different kinds of loots that include rocket launchers, grenade launchers, and special guns to bring down helicopters and opponents. Upon further exploration, players will also be able to find and use helicopters as in-game weapons. And with a squad, this can prove to be a deadly weapon combo for opponents.

PUBG Mobile update 0.15.0: Patch notes

This update comes with the new Payload Mode and the updated Survive Till Dawn – Halloween mode. The Darkest Night will be taken offline for further tuning.

Other enhancements: characters can now leap in mid-air to reach previously inaccessible places; new vehicles such as the amphibious BRDM-2 and helicopters have been added to make traveling more mobile; exploding fuel drums are now in the game for laying traps.

As for weapons, the M16A4, Vector, UMP45, and MK47Mutant have all been tuned. The famous Desert Eagle has also been added.

The performance has also been improved: now it runs smoother but consumes less power and therefore less likely to cause your device to heat up; weapon and outfit display have been enhanced; the touch controls have been tuned to reduce errors in movement after opening scope; room and inventory systems have also been improved.

  1. Updates

Payload Mode

Comes with new heavy weapons, recall system, a helicopter, Vehicle Repair Pack and Super Weapon Crates! Air Strikes are available, too!

[Teammate Recall]

Pick up dead teammates’ ID Cards and revive them at the Communication Tower!

[Payload Mode Weapons]

RPG-7, M3E1-A, M79 Grenade Launcher, MGL Grenade Launcher, M134 Minigun.

[Aircraft: Helicopters]

Find helicopters and take them into battle!

[Super Weapon Crate]

Spawns regularly and activates after 3 minutes. Contains air drop weapons, Lv. 3 armor, Payload Mode weapons and more!

[Vehicle Repair Pack]

Fixes vehicle damage and tires.

[Air Strike Beacon]

Calls in air strikes.

Survive Till Dawn

– Modified skybox, colors and background objects. “Halloweenized” monsters.

– Added a hostile human faction in abandoned factories and strongholds. Defeat them to get better rewards.

– Killing zombies grants special bio-warfare equipment that is effective against zombies and other players.

New Features:

[Ledge Grab]

– Climb between buildings and containers to reach previously inaccessible places.

– Tap jump, then jump again at the right timing in midair.

[Fuel Drums]

When hit by bullets or throwables, fuel drums explode and damage nearby players. Available on all maps.

New Firearms and Vehicles:

[Desert Eagle] (all maps)

– Highest damage and muzzle velocity of all pistols.

– Deals 62 damage. Can be attached with Mira Red Dot, Holographic Sight, magazines and Laser Sight to improve shoulder-firing.

– Fires .45 ACP ammo. Default magazine fits 7 rounds (can be extended to 10).

[BRDM-2 Amphibious Armored Vehicle] (all maps)

– Resilient and capable of traversing water. Equipped with bulletproof tires.

– Reduces damage taken.

– Can be called in only with the Flare Gun. Replaces Armored UAZ.

Graffiti:– Can leave graffiti on any objects on the battlefield.

– Up to 4 types can be carried into battle. Change Graffiti combo in inventory menu.”

Added a slot for eye gear:

After the update, spectacles and face masks will not be sharing the same slot. Masks that do not cover the eyes can be equipped together with a pair of spectacles.


– Fixed loading issues for better combat experience,

– Optimized weapon-loading logic to cut stuttering when players come into view.

– Reduced main thread CPU usage to cut overheating.

– Improved graphics and smoothness on lower-end devices.

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