PS5 Might Support 1440p In The Future, Depending On Demand


The PlayStation 5, which is out this Thursday, ships with support for resolutions ranging from 720p all the way up to 8K (eventually) but misses one crucial step in the ladder that has become a staple in PC gaming.

The PS5 doesn’t support a native 1440p output, meaning you’re stuck choosing between 1080p and having it upscaled or forcing a 4K signal and downscaling. It causes some issues with the resolution of the user interface, both inside and outside games, and is an issue that persisted throughout the life of the PS4. Sony has responded to queries about the omissions, saying that it might consider adding support if the demand is great enough.

Speaking to Japanese media and reported by Game Informer, Sony’s Hideaki Nishino emphasized that the focus is on resolutions common to TVs, which excludes 1440p. But it could be patched in, if “requested enough”.

“I want to give top priority to TV support,” Nishino stated. “There is no technical problem at all.”

Without native 1440p support, many players potentially eyeing popular 1440p monitors are left out. Considering many of these same monitors support high 120Hz refresh rates, which the console also supports, compounds the issue further. It’s far easier and cheaper to find a 120Hz monitor today than it is a TV with the same support.

It’s also not a problem for Sony’s competitors, with Microsoft having included 1440p support with the Xbox One already and continuing to do so with the Xbox Series X. Its lower-priced console, the Xbox Series S, even makes a point of listing 1440p as its target resolution.

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