PS5 Logo Can Be Customized With Genius Players’ Simple Lifehack


With the PS5 still lacking in color scheme variation, clever fans have figured out how to customize their console’s logo using a simple Post-It Note.

The PlayStation 5’s color scheme may be limited for the time being, but there is a way for players to at least customize the console’s PlayStation logo with a simple trick. While the striking white-and-black finish on Sony’s newest gaming system is visually alluring enough for most fans, there are still those who wish for more variety in the way their console looks.

This isn’t helped by the fact that Sony itself is only committing to the default PS5 color scheme for the most part, with any possible variation either being sold in extremely limited quantities or, as is the case with the special edition retro black consoles that were announced earlier this month, canceled due to safety concerns. Some fans have tried to sell their own custom PS5 faceplates online shortly after the console launched back in November, but Sony soon caught wind of them and ordered them shut down for legal reasons. Of course, this hasn’t stopped some more creative PS5 owners from tricking out their consoles in less drastic but still equally creative ways.

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Yesterday, Reddit user u/Try2GetFamous shared an image showing how to customize a PS5’s logo on the r/gaming subreddit. To do so, one has to simply take a Post-It Note of any given color, cut it into a T-shape and stick it inside the inner console, underneath the plate with the logo carved into it. Commenters have since posted compliments about how good the effect looks in the shared image and that they would wish to try it themselves – as soon as they finally get their hands on a PS5, that is.

Indeed, fans are still struggling to get a hold of the PlayStation 5 even months after launch, though retail stores are now making a real effort to combat the online scalpers that have been making the console so scarce. Despite these challenges, the PS5 has proven to be extremely lucrative for Sony over the past couple of months, with PlayStation CEO and President Jim Ryan recently declaring its November release to be “the biggest console launch of all time.”

Still, some fans are left wishing for more customization options for their PlayStation 5 consoles, and the simple trick discovered by u/Try2GetFamous is a neat way to bring some color to the monochrome machine at relatively little cost. The result of placing the Post-It Note beneath the engraved logo looks nice and clean, allowing it to pop out with whatever color a player chooses for their console – provided they can get a hold of a PlayStation 5 amid its continuing shortage.

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Source: u/Try2GetFamous (via Reddit)

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