PS5 Live Teardown Shows Off The Console’s Inner Workings


If you’ve been wondering what the PS5’s tiniest components look like, the repair gurus at iFixit have you covered. The group’s YouTube channel is currently streaming a live teardown of the new console, showing both the standard version with the disc drive as well as the PS5 Digital Edition.

Internally, the consoles are essentially identical with the exception of the disc drive itself, which adds a small bit of bulk to one side. Viewers are able to ask live questions for the team as they break the system down into its smallest components, so you can learn exactly how it’s built and the quality of the components. They’ve also shown off the port where you can place an additional NVMe SSD for expanded storage, though the feature isn’t supported on the system yet.

This is actually the second teardown we’ve seen. Sony previously did one itself to show off how the system works, including its liquid metal cooling.

Even if you love what you see, you may have a hard time finding the PS5. Walmart is offering it sporadically throughout the day, but the system is so popular that it has caused the website to actually crash. You can check out our PS5 order guide for information on ordering the system as well as its various accessories.




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