PS5 First Post-Launch System Update is Live, Improves General Performance


The PS5 has received a new system update that is said to improve the console’s performance.

Let’s be honest: there have been some weird issues with the PS5 so far. Perhaps you haven’t run into some of these problems like I have, but the console is definitely in need of some stabilization patches at the very least. Fortunately, Sony seems to be well aware of this and has today pushed out a new update for the platform.

The latest update for the PS5 is the first that has come about since the console’s release last week on November 12. It stands around 800MB in size with the description simply saying, “This system software update improves system performance.” If you owned a PS4 last-gen, you’re likely used to updates of this ilk.

As I mentioned before, though, the PS5 has definitely been having some strange bugs out of the gate so it’s good to see that one of these patches has come through so quickly. While I’m not sure if it will rectify some of the errors that some users have reported on that involve crashes and rest mode struggles, but hopefully it’s the first step of many needed for Sony to iron out the kinks with this new hardware.

In the interim, keep an eye out for our final review of the PS5 itself which should be arriving in the next few days.




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