PS5 ASMR Video Showcases the Magic Behind the DualSense Controller


Forget feeling the new PS5 DualSense controller. Listen to it.

The PS5 news and hype train is currently at fever pitch. The next console from Sony is less than two weeks away from release. Before it arrives to the homes of folks lucky enough to snag a pre-order; media, youtubers, and influencers have been sent consoles for early looks and previews. Interestingly enough the new DualSense controller seems to be the real magic behind the PS5. Many early previews have tried their best to describe it, but the best explanation thus far comes from YouTube technology blogger Dave Lee who leans into some ASMR that gives the best real sense of what to expect.

The DualSense controller relies on clever haptics to achieve new sensations while playing. Think of it as Sony’s take on the “HD Rumble” feature found on the  Nintendo Switch. In game’s like Mario Party or 1-2 Switch, the Nintendo Switch JoyCon controller gives the feeling of movement inside of the hardware. According to Lee and his time with the DualSense, the new controller provides similar feedback that will allow players to feel the environment as they interact with it.

Rather than using just words to best describe it, Lee showcases this by recording the sounds coming from the DualSense controller haptic motors. In the clip below, featuring Astro’s Playroom (a game that comes packed in with the PS5 at launch), you can hear the various sounds from the controller haptics that align with what is happening on screen. Additionally, Lee highlights that as you’re playing you can feel the difference as Astro explores different surfaces in the environment like metal, sand, and wood. What’s interesting is that we’ve been hearing so much about the controller’s adaptive triggers, but it seems that the new triggers just barely scratch the surface of the magic happening inside the new DualSense controller.

Either way, with the PS5 launch just around the corner, many won’t have to wait much longer to feel (and hear) this ASMR goodness on the DualSense controller for themselves.

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