Promising Young Woman: Explaining That Dark Twist And Why It Worked


As the sequence with the college dean showcases, it was dismissed as a “he said, she said” situation, without evidence to pursue the case forward because Monroe denied it. The college forgot about the incident and Monroe lived a life without consequences, chalking up the crime as something he did as a kid when he didn’t know any better. Nina, on the other hand, was so adversely affected by her rape that she had to drop out of medical school and it also led to her implied suicide. Her best friend was also deeply affected by Nina’s death to the point of going to great lengths of finding justice for the situation. In the end, Cassie’s fate is tied irrevocably to Nina. She spent the entire movie coming to terms with the rape and the greater societal implications of the incident, by getting “drunk” each week in hopes a nice guy wouldn’t take the unfortunate opportunity. Yet, someone does week by week for years.




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