Pokemon to Bring Three Legendaries Back Soon


Pokemon Go is never ending deal for the gamers as the game has been receiving constant updates from the developers. This time, the makers are adding three legendaries back to the gameplay.

Pokemon’s Extraordinary Raid Event is going on and will be ended on May 28. This Raid Event is there for the professional gamers to raid on the bosses and earn some extra bonuses which they can use for a variety of things while playing the game.

Niantic has officially announced that they are adding three legendary Pokemon back to Gyms very soon. Unfortunately, they have not disclosed anything about the dates of their availability; however, this statement has made all the Pokemon Go players happy as they would get to hook up with new characters in the game very soon.

Interestingly, there will be a new way to grab these Legendary Pokemon. This time, you will have a chance to encounter the Shiny forms of these legendary Pokemon.

As per various sources, Cresselia, Kyogre, and Groudon will be back in the gameplay with a chance of encountering their Shiny form. These characters will be available as Five-Star Raids in the coming weeks for the gamers.

If we talk about the timeline, then the Lunar Pokemon will be the first to return to the game. This will be during the first raid between May 27 to June 18.

On the other hand, the second Pokemon to return is Sea Basin Pokemon Kyogre during the second raid from June 18 to June 27. And the last Groundon Pokemon will appear during the final raid from June 27 to July 10.

If you have somehow missed catching these legendary pokemon in the past, then you will be able to grab them back with the new Raids of the game in the coming weeks.

There will be no special skills required, all you need to do is to form a proper team for encountering them when they appear. Each of these Pokemon has unique power and weakness and you need to know about their power and weakness both which will help you to encounter them.

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