Pokemon HOME Finally Adds Pokemon GO Integration


After being announced earlier this year, Pokemon GO players can now move their Pokemon to Pokemon HOME.

The Pokemon HOME service was announced last year, before releasing in February 2020. It allows players to transfer their Pokemon across different titles through the use of a handy app. It was designed with the Nintendo Switch in mind and released just a few months after Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Initially, players who owned both Pokemon Sword and/or Shield and Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and/or Eevee, would be able to freely transfer their Pokemon between the two games, helping complete their ‘Dex and move their competitive Pokemon across games. That left Pokemon GO players without access, however. That was until now.

As of right now, Pokemon GO players who are at the max level, 40, will be able to transfer the Pokemon they’ve caught to Pokemon HOME and then across to Sword or Shield from there. There are some caveats with that, however, some which include extra charges.

Players will have to use the “Pokemon Transporter” in Pokemon GO to move their Pokemon to HOME. This item only has a certain amount of “energy”, however, which depletes with every Pokemon transferred. How much energy is used depends on the type of Pokemon and whether it’s shiny, legendary, mythical or otherwise.

The Transporter has a maximum capacity of 10,000 energy, with shiny legendaries taking 9,000 out of that 10,000 straight away. While the Transporter naturally recharges by itself, it takes almost exactly a week to go from nothing to maximum capacity, meaning players who were looking to do mass transfers are out of luck. Unless they pay that is.

To recharge the Transporter, players can pay with Pokemon GO’s premium currency, Pokecoins. If the Transporter is completely empty, the cost to recharge is 1,000 coins, equivalent to $10, however, this does drop based on how much energy the Transporter has.

In slightly better news, The Pokemon Company has confirmed that players will in fact get access to Gigantamax Melmetal for the first time. This mythical Pokemon can be received via the mystery gift option in Pokemon HOME. Players will also get a Mystery Box within Pokemon GO when they make transfers to Pokemon HOME, giving them the opportunity to catch plenty of Meltan.




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