Pokemon GO Updated with New Version 0.149.0


Pokemon Go is no doubt the world’s most popular AR-based game. The game looks pretty easy when you see it; however, it is quite difficult when you explore things around. The game has been receiving regular updates which make people stick to it. Today, Pokemon Go has received yet another update with a version number 0.149.0. Let’s find out what’s new for the users!

Just like every other game, this new update brings several useful and much-needed changes to the gameplay with a lot of improvements. The update has removed the Back button from the game. This back button is a catching button for the users. The most noticeable thing in this update is the arrival of the IV appraisal system.

The Appraisal Screen has been updated with a lot of things and a new design. With this new system, when you swipe left and right, the appraisal screen will automatically apply to the next Pokemon. You don’t need to manually change it every time you use the next pokemon while playing the game. This is indeed a good feature for gamers who work with multiple Pokemon at the same time.

As we all know, Pokemon Go is soon receiving a new update with Team Go Rocket invasion event, the makers have released this new update by keeping this event in mind. So there will be a lot of helpful things which can be explored by gamers while the event is launched.

Thankfully, we have got plenty of leaks regarding this latest update and its appraisal system. Many Reddit users have posted Screenshots regarding this update and how it will change the gameplay.

When you notice a Red Stamp on a Pokemon, it means it has received 100% IV appraisal. Additionally, the makers have also improved the overall User Interface of the game with a new Pokemon Summary Screen. There is a new Trainer Battle AI also included with this update.

Additionally, charge move buttons, charge attack button and many other things have been changed. The overall design and interface look very refreshed and you will definitely love it!

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