Pokemon GO To Add Shiny Pinsir in Safari Zone Event in Tainan Taiwan


Just like the Safari event that took place in the summer, there is another Pokemon Go Safari Zone event packed with surprises. This Pokemon Go Safari Zone event will be held in Tainan, Taiwan, at the Tainan Metropolitan Park and the Chimei Museum.

It is a great opportunity for pokemon trainers and for travellers as well. Tainan is known as one of the oldest city in Taiwan. It has a rich history and culture, which is a great time for attendees to have fun on sightseeing historic buildings, temples, and sites in the city.

Trainers in this area can attend in the event for free and it will last from Thursday, November 1st to Monday, November 5th 2018. Everyone is also invited to join this great event. During the event, the spawn rate for rare Pokemons like Unown and Relicath will be available over the city of Tainan.

In the Safari Zone event, there will be great Pokemons playing a part in the festivity. At the event location, trainers can get a chance to catch elusive regional Pokemon, Relicanth, and some other undisclosed unown letters. Talking about the surprise packed at this event, shiny Pinsir will join the list of available shinies.

We can expect that Pinsir rates around the world will increase, for the shiny hunters to get have their chance of having this interesting shiny. The rate increase that they will offer is not yet sure if it will be like what they did in the past for Safari Zone and event Pokemon.

The people in Taiwan area can surely enjoy this event, and of course, the worldwide players can get some awesome opportunities too. There is still some time left, so get yourself some preparation for this upcoming event. Some further announcements are expected to come as the event is coming near, and TechnoCodex will bring you its latest updates.

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