Pokémon Go Special Research Quest for Celebi is Here


Pokemon GO has indeed gained its worldwide fame as pokemon trainers are rocking the world searching for their beloved Pokemons. Celebi was previously only available for the “Pokémon GO Fest” event held last July. If you missed out that event, don’t be so sad as the previously announced Special Research for Celebi is now here!  Niantic has announced that this Special Event will start on August 20, 2018, just exactly right today, and it will be available worldwide for those who have finished the third group of task for the Special Research for Mew.  Even though there was no exact time mentioned by the development team, it is expected to go live at 9:00 PM.

For the players who have already acquired their Celebi through the event, they can still participate and complete with this Special Research tasks to earn Candy to power up their own Celebi, so do not worry as this event will also be an exciting one for you.  What are the exciting tasks and new adventures that we must look forward?  As with some researches, Trainers will be given a limited time only to complete a set of assignments from Professor Willow, which will likely end in an encounter with Celebi.

The Celebi Quests will be ranked as a “Special Research”, that’s why it will not be obtained just by spinning PokeStops.  They come directly from the Professor with tasks that will give you challenges to collect everything needed to unlock the best encounters with Celebi.

If you think you might miss out this great big event, don’t worry as the Special Research tasks cannot be discarded.  Just like the Field Research, Trainers will receive a reward for each Special Research task that they will complete. After successfully completing a series of Special Research tasks, Trainers will unlock the most awaited grand prize.  What more, Niantic just confirmed that Celebi will be the grand reward from the given Quests!  So hurry now, and don’t miss out this event. Stay tuned with technoCodex for more updates.

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