Pokemon GO Shiny Poliwag August Global Event on August 6


Pokemon Go is undoubtedly the most popular Augmented Reality game in the world. The game is launching regular events to celebrate new festivals. And as per today’s announcements, lucky trainers will get Shiny Poliwag i.e. Shiny Pokemon. The new fest event will kickstart from August 6.

There will be three different Shiny Pokemons available such as shiny Poliwhirl, Poliwrath and Politoed. This will be a part of the new Pokemon Go Fest Yokohama 2019. This new event will take place from August 6th to August 12, 2019. This event will take place in three different parts in Yokohama, Japan during this period.

Here, we have enlisted the parks’ names where the Yokohama event will take place.

  • Yamashita Park,
  • Rinko Park,
  • Akarenga Park

During this Fest Event period, players will be able to collect up to 20 unique gifts which they can offer to their friends. Players can spend up to 30 gifts in a day which means a player can offer 30 gifts to his friends in a single day.

Whenever you collect an egg during the event period, it will be considered as 2KM egg and not 7KM egg. Apart from this, players will have better chances of collecting more of the small pokemon and new Shiny pokemon.

The Shiny variants of Pokemon will be there during the special event and it will get you a lot of bonuses and extra rewards. There will also be a special Raid Day on August 9th where players can gain more bonuses from the gameplay.

During this event, the Shiny Pokemon will be made available across the globe and the players will be able to collect them all. The Poliwags will have increased spawn rates. The Shiny blue colored Poliwags will be there for Pokemon Trainers only. This is the first time that Pokemon Trainers are getting the Shiny Pokemon in the game.

This new edition of the event will feature new research system, special challenges and a lot of other things which can be gained by the trainers and normal players of the world.

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