Pokemon GO Shakes Things Up With New 12KM Eggs


Bisharp, Vullaby and Sandile make their debuts in the second part of Pokemon GO’s autumn event.

The summer of Pokemon GO feels like a lifetime away right now. While four years ago players were roaming parks in the masses, chasing down Charizards, this year they are, for the most part, playing from home or at least alone avoiding the pandemic. While it’s no doubt been difficult for developers Niantic to keep the game ticking over, they’ve been adding plenty of new features and challenges for players to help keep things fresh.

Last month saw the addition of Mega Evolutions from Pokemon X and Y, with players initially being able to battle against Mega Charizard, Mega Blastoise and Mega Venusaur. While the implementation of that feature was controversial, Niantic has tweaked it and promised to keep adjusting it as they need to. Now, in Pokemon GO’s latest feature and for the first time since the addition of the 7KM eggs, Niantic has added a new egg type into the game. The new red eggs require players to walk 12KM to hatch them.

The new addition had been teased by Niantic throughout the day as they posted a range cryptic tweets, capped off with a GIF of a never before seen red egg. The eggs are accompanied by a new event that runs from October 12 to October 19.

The new 12KM eggs are achieved in a different manner to the traditional 2, 5 and 10KM eggs, with players having to defeat one of the Team GO Rocket leaders in order to receive one. To help with this, Team GO Rocket will be appearing more regularly throughout the game. Players will also have some special research to complete.

The eggs currently only contain Pokemon that are either Poison or Dark-type or those that evolve into Pokemon with those typings. While Niantic confirmed that both Bisharp and Vullaby would be making their debuts in 12KM eggs, The Silph Road subreddit has confirmed that Sandile is also now available.

Niantic also confirmed that Poison-type and Dark-type Pokémon will be appearing more often in the wild and that Team GO Rocket Grunts are using different Shadow Pokémon. Shadow Mewtwo also makes its return to Pokemon GO for any player strong enough to take down Giovanni.

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