Pokemon Go raises the level cap and adds seasons in its biggest update yet


Pokemon GO has undergone a number of evolutions since its debut in 2016 but, come November 30th, players will witness the game’s biggest gameplay changes to date. The “GO Beyond” update, as Niantic has dubbed it, will immediately implement a raise the experience cap to level 50, improve trainer leveling, offer a new Seasons feature and incorporate previously-uncatchable Pokemon from the game’s Kalos region.

In addition to the level 50 cap raise, any players that breaks into the 40s by the end of the year will be granted special bonuses. Lower ranked trainers, for their part, will see a number of improvements and streamlined processes in their ongoing leveling progress. Additionally, Niantic is also rolling out tweaks to features including “encountering and catching Pokémon, Adventure Sync, Buddy Adventure, Field Research, and Gifts,” according to a Wednesday press release from the company.




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