Pokemon Go New Gen 4 Evolution Rolled out with Sinnoh Stone Expansion


Niantic has announced a major Sinnoh Stone expansion update for Android and iOS. There are more new options added in this update with Gen 4 evolution. In this update, Niantic has added many new pokemon in the list for the Sinnoh Stone.

Some freshly added Pokemon in the list includes Lickitung into Lickilicky and Tangela into Tangrowth which can be evolved using Sinnoh Stone. Not only this, there are few more Gen 4 Pokemon released in the wild including Combee, Glameow, Cranidos, and Shieldon. However, until now only these Pokemon are confirmed but you can expect some more Pokemon joining in this list.

Apart from that, Niantic has made some more changes in this update related to the Pokemon. Out of the list, some Pokemon have become more powerful than ever in the Raid battles and even some of them can perform new moves. So, that’s a great thing in this update which trainers will get in this update.

However, the raids have become a bit difficult than what they were before. Although some of the raids can now be beaten Solo, but still a few of them are harder enough that you can achieve them easily. So, for that, you must tie up with your friends to beat some raids.

There are a lot more changes driven to the game in this update. You can get the whole information by visiting to the official release notes of Pokemon Go.

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