Pokemon GO: New Field Research Task this September


Surprises after surprises, this is how Pokemon Go constantly exciting their players to fire up their motivation and replenish their eagerness to seek for more adventure. Just recently after the Hit Event for Celebi, Pokemon GO’s twitter account just made a statement that the upcoming Field Research task has an exciting reward, a Pokemon known as the “Fiery Legendary Beast”, none other than, Entei.

This event was speculated and later has been confirmed to start on September 1, 2018, wherein trainers can turn into their Research Field Task to have a chance to catch the legendary pokemon Entei as their grand reward for completing a 7 day worth of tasks and challenges.  In their recent twitter post, trainers speculated that there will be a special Fire-type pokemon themed Field Research task for the month, and the complete details regarding this speculation will be released after the Event’s start date.

So what is the exciting part about this event?  Here it is.  Entei is a very reliable and powerful Pokemon in the Pokemon Go metagame and has a huge impact to Battle Raid lineups that requires another fire DPS.  Even though many players has this Pokemono no because of the last summer’s event, there is a high chance that trainers will get some extra candy and a higher IV spawn.  This research task offers the rural players a chance to fill their Pokedex spot that became too difficult for them to obtain these past years.

“Collect enough stamps during September to earn a Research Breakthrough and an opportunity to catch the Legendary Pokémon Entei!” as per Niantic’s tweet, which means, the more stamps you have collected, the more of chances you will have to get in touch with this legendary pokemon.  So be ready to go once more, and we will cover the latest of Pokemon GO’s updates here at TechnoCodex.

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