Pokemon GO January Field Research Revealed with Some Awesome Rewards


Soon after the Start of the New Year, Niantic has revealed Pokemon GO January Field Research with some awesome rewards on their successful completion. So, what’s new in this Field Research and How to accomplish that? So, here’s the small description of that.

Whenever you a Spin a PokeStops, you’ll get a Field Research. With each spin of PokeStops, you’ll be offered with a random Field Research Quest which will frequently change on daily basis. Each time you complete a Field Research, you’ll be rewarded with a random Pokemon encounters, Berries or Pokeballs.

As you know that, a breakthrough is a collection of Seven different challenges which gets unlocked whenever you complete them successfully. In the same way, when you complete seven field research, you’ll unlock a breakthrough. Using which you’ll get a chance to catch a special Pokemon. You may have come across to the Breakthrough which gets unlocked in the past months in which players had caught some Legendary and Rare Pokemon. So, this might be your chance to catch some of them.

However, there’s isn’t any official announcement from Niantic about all the Pokemon which you can catch in this Field Research. But as mentioned in our previous post regarding this news and also from the Tweet from Niantic, you’ll get a chance to catch Lugia and Ho-Oh!

“The year 2019 is around the corner, and it’s already looking to be legendary! When you reach a Research Breakthrough in January and February, you’ll have the chance to encounter several Legendary Pokémon, including Lugia and Ho-Oh!”

Meanwhile, it is expected to encounter Articuno, Entei, Moltres, Raikou, Suicune, or Zapdos in this Field Research. This event is live now from 1 PM PDT, January 1, 2019. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and complete your field research to get an opportunity to catch Legendary Pokemon.

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