Pokemon Go has Started its First Ex Raid Pass for 2019


A bunch of passes for the Ex Raids 2019 in Pokemon Go has started to roll out. On this upcoming new year which is around the corner, Niantic is has planned something different to welcome this new year. Some of the popular tasks from the last month and in December, Niantic is ready to roll out Legendary duo, Lugia and Ho-Oh!

According to Niantic, the Raid Boss for these listed EX Raids will Attack Form Deoxys. According to a release from GamePress, the only dissimilarity between Attack Deoxys and Normal Deoxys is that Attack Deoxys will have more attack power and less Defense and Stamina as compared to Normal Deoxys.

In the previous announcements by Developer, that has stated that they will be rolling out Mythical Pokemon into the Raid Battles after December 20, 2019. And now being on their own words, they announced the same on their Twitter account.

According to Niantic, to be eligible to get these Raid Pass you have to win the regular battles at a Qualifying Gym. Each tag of  Gym will indicate that they can host Ex Raids or not? You can also hunt along with your best friends. To make sure to take Ex Raids, Share your pass on Social Media and try to make a Group, as every pass has significant location, date and time.

On the other hand, there is another chance of collecting some other Legendary Pokemon by Research Breakthrough reward which is for January and February 2019. You’ll get a randomly selected Pokemon, everytime you complete a breakthrough which is completed by completing several field research tasks on seven different days.

The official announcement includes only two Legendary Pokemon Lugia and Ho-Oh that are going to appear, while other Pokemon are still not officially announced by Niantic. Stay tuned with TechnoCodex for more updates.

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