Pokemon Go Evolution Items Guide – How to Use Special Items to Evolve Pokemons


Pokemon Go is undoubtedly the most popular Adventure game in the world with millions of its regular player worldwide. The developers have been upgrading the gameplay to keep the players attached to the game. If you are not aware of Pokemon Go’s Evolution Items, then this post will give you all the information about different types of Evolution Items and how you can get them to catch the Pokemon.

What are Evolution Items in Pokemon Go?

Evolution Items are nothing and can be considered as power items to catch the powerful Pokemon. If you are a die-hard fan of the Pokemon Go and want to collect every single Pokemon, then you must use the different types of Power items i.e. Evolution Items.

Evolution Items in Pokemon Go game also known as Special Items. Currently, there are total Six Evolution Items available for the players to help them catch the Pokemon.

Unfortunately, these Special Items can’t be bought by you through in-game purchases. For that, you have to explore more of the gameplay and hunt them down just like the real Pokemon. Yes, you have to hunt for these special items which will eventually help you out catching up the hard-to-get Pokemon.

If we talk about the Special Items’ names, Metal Coat, Sun Stone, Dragon Scale, King’s Rock, Up-Grade. The recent update added a new Sinnoh Stone item to the gameplay. Let’s collect more information about the game.

How can I get the Special Items/ Evolution Items in Pokemon Go?

To get the Evolution Items in the Pokemon Go game, the first thing you need to do is spend more time. The more you play, the more time you will have to hunt these special items in the game. You are the only one who can hunt and get these special items and for that, you have to give proper time to the game every day.

If you play the game more frequently, then you have to change the schedule and start playing it every day. This will increases the chances of yours to get the Special Items.

When you start playing the game every day, there are special items such as Up-grades and King’s Rocks who will wait for you at the Poke Stop. You can get them from the Poke’s Stop when you play it regularly, the chances of hunting them easily will increase.

By playing the game regularly, you will be able to get one special item in a week and that’s for sure. This is the simplest way of getting or hunting the Special Items in Pokemon Go game.

The recently added Sinnoh Stone Special Item is very unique and it requires some more time for hunting. It’s quite difficult to hunt this special item and it is possible for you to get it.

Basically, you can hunt the Sinnoh Stone item with two different ways. The first way is to research and complete the seven days task. This will enable you to get this special item and but there’s no 100% guarantee. The Second way to get the Sinnoh Stone is to take part in the battles via PvP. This Special Item is there for both, Winners and Losers and anyone can hunt it easily.

What’s the actual use of these Special Items/ Evolution Items in Pokemon Go?

As mentioned above, there are six different types of Evolution Items available to hunt in the Pokemon Go game. Depending upon your requirements, you can make use of these Special Items while hunting the Pokemon in the game. Here’s what these Special Items do and how it can help you hunt down the Pokemon.

  1. Dragon Scale

This Special Item in Pokemon Go Game can be used only once and for one Pokemon only. In order to make use of this Evolution Item, you have to take a walk nearby the seaside to hunt down the Pokemon. You have to combo up this Special Item with 100 Horsea. This evolves the Seadra into Kingdra.

2. King’s Rock 

This Special Item can be used in two different ways and it is more powerful than the Dragon Scale. King’s Rock can convert Slowpoke into Slow King. For this, it requires 50 Slowpoke Candy. It also evolves Poliwhirl into the froglike Politoed. For this, it requires a combo with 100 Poliwag Candy.

3. Metal Coat

Just like the King’s Rock, the Metal Coat Special Item can also be used on two different Pokemon. As the name suggests, it turns into steel types and converts them to Metal. With Metal Coat, Scyther evolves into Scizor with 50 Scyther candy. On the other hand, Onix evolves into Steelix with 50 Onix Candy.

4. Sun Stone

This is quite a useful Evolution Item for the intermediate players of the game. The Sun Stone special item let you evolve Gloom into Bellossom and Sunkern into delightful Sunflora. This can be achieved with a Golf Course or with the Garden.

With Sun Stone, Gloom evolves into Bellosom with 100 Oddish Candy and Sunkern evolves with Sunflora with 50 Sunkern Candy.

5. Up-grade

Up-grade is an independent Special Item for the Pokemon Lovers. This item can be used to evolve the Porygon into Porygon2 with 50 Porygon Candy.

6. Sinnoh Stone

Compare to other Special Items, Sinnoh Stone is the latest special item added by the developers with the recent update. The best way to get this special item is by battling with PvP. Sinnoh Stone was introduced with Pokemon Go Gen 4 and it’s an essential Item for collecting special Pokemon in the game.

The game has 18 different types of Pokemon and the best thing about this Sinnoh Stone Special Item is that it helps in evolving all the 18 Pokemon available in the gameplay. Yes, you can evolve every single Pokemon with Sinnoh Stone and with 100 Candies.

What you need to do here is collect as many Sinnoh Stones as you can, and use them for hunting down the 18 different types of Pokemon. It will make the hunting procedure a bit easier for you and you will be able to accomplish your mission of achieving all the Pokemon of the game.

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