Pokemon GO Beyond Update Adds Level 50 Increase, Seasons, and More Big Changes


As the biggest update yet to the mobile game, the upcoming Pokemon GO Beyond update will add a number of new features starting next month.

Since its massive launch in July 2016, Pokemon GO has continued to find new ways to engage players with its take on bringing the world of Pokemon to the real world. 2020 especially has been an interesting year for developer Niantic to tweak the game’s core mechanics in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, as we saw during this year’s Pokemon GO Fest 2020. However, despite the changes to better suit playing at home, Niantic is continuing to drive the experience of playing the hit mobile game from anywhere by introducing its biggest update yet with new features that players can look forward to very soon.

Developer Niantic has officially revealed details for the next update for Pokemon GO called the “GO Beyond” update, which introduces some of the biggest changes to the mobile game since its launch in 2016. As the first “branded update” for the game, the GO Beyond update will add a number of new ways to play for both newcomers and veteran players across catching new types of Pokemon, earning experiencing and leveling up, and participating in the game’s events and GO Battle League. Additionally, the update will also bring the Kalos region Pokemon from X and Y into the mobile game for the first time.

As detailed by Niantic, the GO Beyond update will introduce Seasons to Pokemon GO that will bring greater availability of certain Pokemon or Pokemon types, alongside new events, rewards, and themes. The Season system will kick off with the “Season of Celebration” starting on December 1, 2020, which will be tied into the holidays and winter with a series of in-game events. Currently, Seasons are expected to run for about three months, but Niantic has explained that the duration of Seasons could change over time.

Additionally, the Beyond update will also increase the in-game cap to Level 50, allowing players to move past the current limit of Level 40. However, aside from just earning XP to level up, the update will also introduce new challenges that players will have to complete to earn their next Level, which will also provide new endgame challenges for players to engage with.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android, with the GO Beyond update arriving on November 30, 2020.




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