Pokemon GO Beldum Community Day Announced for October


Every month, Pokemon Go is offering a Community Day mini-event where certain Pokemon appears with much greater frequency for a three hour window which seems to be a great opportunity. Just recently, there were some reports saying that Beldum was likely to be the subject of the next mini-event.

This unofficial report has been made after a fan found some image assets showing Beldum being on Pokemon Go’s website, which made a lot of people talk about this. The huge speculations have ended today as Pokemon Go officially confirmed the report. They made an announcement that the next Community Day for the next month will be on October 21.

Players will now have a huge potential to be able to add a shiny Metagross to their collection. As of now, the special move when Metang will evolve into Metagross is still unknown, but there is a huge possibility that it will be a Meteor Mash, one of its signature attack. This Pokemon GO new update will escalate the role of Metagross into the meta game, it will also give the Pokemon a viable steel type move that will become essential for the next events.

Not just that, October’s Community Day will also offer some in-game bonuses throughout the duration of the event. Eggs will hatch at 1/4 distance, Lure modules will also last longer if they will be activated during the Community Day for three hours rather than their usual 30 minutes.

The Community Day will occur during a three hour window. The different schedules are listed below.

  • Asia, Australia: 12pm to 3pm JST
  • Europe, Middle East, Africa, India: 10 am to 1 pm GMT
  • North America, South America, and Greenland: 2 pm to 5 pm EST

This event is expected to be a big one. Mewtwo is recently transitioning to a regular tier 5 of raid boss, a lot of players is struggling with bringing the Psychic-type behemoth down and getting a chance to catch it. On the other hand, Metagross is one of the most powerful Steel-Type Pokemon in the game, which means, this will be a great chance to battle and finally capture Mewtwo before it disappears.

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