Pokemon Anime Marathon Started on Twitch


To all of the die-hard fans and lovers of Pokemon anime series and Pokemon Go out there, here is your great chance to relive the adventures of Ash Ketchum and a chance to catch a pokemon at the same time! Great isn’t it. Twitch TV has started their massive Pokemon Marathon from yesterday, it will start with Ash Ketchum’s very first adventure and encounter with Pikachu at the first series Indigo League. The marathon will continue up to the most recent adventure of Ash and Pikachu that took place over the last 19 seasons.

So what is the other great deal about this massive marathon? Pokemon trainers with Twitch account can take their advantage at the special Pokemon Badge Collector extension. This great additional feature will give the Pokemon Trainers a great opportunity and chance to catch a Pokemon that will appear on-screen while enjoying the anime marathon. There will be lots of opportunities to catch different Pokemons during this special event as the Pokemon marathon is scheduled to take up to 10 months for it to be completed.

Their TV programs are scheduled accordingly that will surely fit every pokemon trainers. Every Monday and Thursday, eight hours of Pokemon anime episodes will be aired in order starting at 10 AM PDT each day. If you will miss this scheduled airing, don’t worry as there will be returns of the marathon every Friday and Saturday. On every Sunday, there will be a Pokemon Movie starting at 10 AM PDT.

The Monday to Thursday marathon will be on /TwitchPresents channel, while the Friday and Saturday comeback will be on /TwitchPresents2. Pokemon trainers will be able to listen at this program in different languages, French program at /TwitchPresentsFR, in German at /TwitchPresentsDE, /TwitchPresentsIT for Italian, and at /TwitchPresentsPT for Portuguese.

This is just right to be called as a massive one as it will feature 19 seasons of Pokemon anime episodes and 16 Pokemon movies. There is a total of 932 episodes of Ash Ketchum’s adventure and a lot of time for pokemon encounters too.

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