PlayStation 5 Stock to Be Available on Amazon in Europe on Launch Day


The PlayStation 5 console launches in Europe in just two days, and it will be possible to purchase it on Amazon in select countries.

The retailer recently sent out emails to customers to inform them that a PlayStation 5 stock will be available for purchase on November 19th on Amazon UK, Spain, and Italy. Consoles will be made available from 12:00 PM UTC, 1:00 PM CET.

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As quantities are going to be limited, you’d better gear up to be able to purchase a PlayStation 5 console. Among the next-gen consoles, it is the one that feels like a true step into the next generation, according to Kai.

Sony’s entry into the next-generation console war is the one that feels like a proper next-gen system. Rather than simply expanding on the existing libraries, Sony has established themselves as the console that’s going to bring gamers into a new era. The software and UI are both early on in their implementation, but it’s the combination of Sony’s new Tempest AudioTech, titles that can take advantage of the SSD, and the DualSense controller that truly make this console stand out among the rest.

The PlayStation 5 console is now out in North America, Japan, and other select countries. It launches this week, on November 19th, in the rest of the world.




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