Phasmophobia Is Getting A New Prison Level


Phasmophobia, a cooperative game about tracking ghosts, is getting a new prison level sometime soon. Developer Kinetic Games tweeted a teaser image hinting at the addition this week.

Current maps include multiple residential houses, two farmhouses, and an asylum. So far, only Asylum is categorized as a large map, and it remains to be seen how large the prison will be. Two others levels, a mansion and an apartment building, have also been mentioned in the Phasmophobia content roadmap.

The roadmap also notes that night vision goggles and smashable windows are coming to the game in future updates. We don’t know when these new features will come to the game, but you can keep an eye on updates on the studio’s Trello board.

Phasmophobia blew up on Steam and Twitch in October, racking up hundreds of thousands of viewers and players. It lets four players, complete with an array of ghost hunting equipment, loose onto one of several maps where they need to collect paranormal evidence. The ghosts can fight back and even kill players, though. It’s become one of 2020’s indie sensations.

Kinetic games has also cancelled any plans to bring a PvP mode to the game. They would rather focus on improving current features and mechanics.

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