Overwatch Unveiled Legendary Doomfist Skin for Halloween Terror Event


Just recently, Blizzard Entertainment announced the start date for the 2018 version of Overwatch’s annual Halloween Terror event, and it will start next week. As the date is coming near, the game developer revealed a new Legendary skin for Doomfist turning him from a cybernetically enhanced hero into a watery creature from the depths of waters.

The new Legendary skin reshaped Doomfist having a scaly blue complexion, as well as gills and horned fins. It makes Doomfist look more like the Amphibian Man from The Shape of Water rather than the swamp monsters seen in other stories like Goosebumps and Scooby-Doo, well that is just a schematic way to visualize it.

The revelation of the Legendary Swamp Monster Doomfist skin will make players excited and all pumped up, and this can surely become one of the biggest in-game events this October. The developer’s plans will be interesting for the game’s newest members like Brigette, Moira, and Wrecking Ball which will take a huge part in this event.

The developer did not make any statements yet about this incoming event, but instead, they left a mind challenging riddle that will make the players think, “Just keep swimming. Make a splash as SWAMP MONSTER DOOMFIST (Legendary)!  Overwatch Halloween Terror begins Oct 9!”, they said.

With this high level of secrecy with their updates, players will surely be pumped up as the event is coming near being excited to discover the mysteries behind this event. The Overwatch Halloween Terror event will start on October 9 and will run through the end of the month. While the event is coming near, there will be more updates, so stay with TechoCodex and we will bring you its latest updates.

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