Overwatch released February 27 Patch fixes several bugs


Overwatch released a new Patch for the players on Wednesday, February 27. The new patch is there with a lot of bug fixes and improvements to save players from falling to their dooms. Compare to the February 26 patch, this latest patch doesn’t come with a huge improvement; however, it does fix several bugs from the game which are noteworthy.

The new patch is fixing the major bug that was getting into the way of players on Rialto. This new fix is there to save the players and offers a safe spot on Rialto.

Many players have appeared on various gaming forums and Reddit platform. They have even shared their screenshots regarding this new patch and shared their gaming experience after the patch is released.

The new February 27 Patch was first spotted by the Reddit user with a profile name, Lpwner109. According to his claims, he and his friend have discovered something unique unlike and interesting in the Rialto. Interestingly, he has even shared a video clip regarding this new update and the patch that has fixed the Rialto issue on the game. You can check the video clip shared by him on his Reddit profile from here.

A friend and I discovered something interesting in Rialto. from Overwatch

If we narrate the above video clip, the player and his friend are running along one of the docked boats in Rialto. You can see how they fall down and suddenly die in the video clip.

This update is very useful for the players who can’t stand on the boat in the Rialto. After this patch, the players can easily run on the boat. It’s a life-saving update and you can check the update by installing the latest patch to your game.

Apart from this, the same patch has fixed one more issue related to the targets by friendly turrets, B.O.B.s, and bots with the target on their allied Mei’s Ice Wall.

Here, we have included the full Patch Note with all the bug fixes with the latest February 27 Patch by Overwatch for their players worldwide.

Overwatch February 27 Patch




  • Fixed a bug where turrets, AI bots, and Ashe’s Bob would target a friendly Mei’s Ice Wall



  • Fixed a bug where players would fall through boats to their death


  • Fixed a bug where the elimination sound effect would play after destroying a barrier
  • Fixed a bug where the elimination sound effect wouldn’t play after getting a kill assist
  • Fixed a bug where the Deathmatch end of the game screens and the Play of the Game animation didn’t have music


  • Fixed a bug where the kill icon wouldn’t display after getting a kill assist

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