Oppo MeshTalk is a New Way of Communication without Internet Connection and Carrier


We all are focusing on 5G Networks which is the future of the Communication. However, Oppo is taking a different turn than the carriers. What if there is no Bluetooth, Carriers or Wi-Fi? How do you all manage to communicate over a phone without these connectivity options? Well, Oppo has got the answer for you as the company has just introduced a new MeshTalk app.

The Oppo MeshTalk app is designed for the people who have no connectivity options in their area. This app allows users to send data up to 3km apart without the Carriers, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi connectivity.

The company has introduced this revolutionary app during an event at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai. This is an advanced mechanism for easy communication that uses signal relays for decentralizing end-to-end messaging. This service can be operated with a 3Km range or even greater than this.

The company has not specifically spoken about what could be sent to the phones with this mechanism. We don’t know whether it will support voice notes and voice calls also. For now, all we know is that with this new MeshTalk mechanism, we can send text messages without the Carrier or Wi-Fi connectivity from phone to phone.

Oppo has described everything about their latest technology via Tweet. The company has shared an informative tweet mentioning about this technology and how it will change the way of communication in the future. You can check their official Tweet from here.

Initially, Oppo will allow its own devices to create a local area network between the devices for communication. The company may use a crucial emergency integration tool to make this happen. We all know how the phones work with emergency and this new mechanism may integrate the same feature on their phones.

This will be indeed a great feature for those who are campaigning a lot. They can communicate with each other when there are no networks or any type of connectivity around. This technology will gradually be expanded to other manufacturers starting from the Oppo.

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