Opera Launches a “Gaming Browser” Just for the Pro-Gamers


Opera has officially launched the world’s first gaming-friendly web browser app named Gaming Browser for professional gamers. Yes, you heard that right. A dedicated gaming friendly web browser announced for pro-gamers by Opera that will let players take full control of the CPU Usage.

This new version of the existing Opera browser is something different from what you were using on your PC systems. If you are a gamer and spend most of your time playing your favourite games, then this browser is designed for you.

The browser comes with customized design and many other features that are worth noticing if you are a gamer. If you wish to customize your PC’s configuration while playing the games, then this browser will allow you to do so.

The name of this new gaming browser is Opera GX which is a brand new web browser. It offers rich design with a high-graphical interface that looks absolutely stunning.

The Opera GX Browser lets you set your daily CPU usage and RAM. If we talk about the popular Google Chrome browser, it consumes extra CPU usage which makes the entire PC run slower than usual. However, this new Opera GX Browser acts differently and provides a seamless gaming experience that you may never have expected.

Setting the CPU Usage limit and RAM limit is only understood by the gamers who actually know how to improve the overall gaming performance. As mentioned above, high CPU Usage slower down the actual performance of the PC system and the game as well.

Aside from this, the new web browser will feature an advanced control panel that will show you how much CPU used by various resources which are currently active.

They have also made a number of improvements to the existing browser’s features which are based on gaming. There will be numerous sections available to get quick access to your subscriptions of different gaming platforms. You can easily select and start playing your favourite games with the quick access menu.

The new Opera GX browser will be developed on different levels. The first edition of the browser is for the passionate and pro-gamers. The final version of this browser will be released later this year.

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