OnePlus 9 might boast a larger screen and Note 20-like cameras


There’s still not much known about what’s inside. Earlier leaks suggested the OnePlus 9 would run on the expected Snapdragon 875 chip and boast an 8T-like 120Hz screen refresh rate. Like the 8 series, it could come in a base model (what you see here) as well as a more advanced 9 Pro. Rumors have the 9 models arriving in March, or slightly earlier in the year than the OnePlus 8 Pro.

It’s not guaranteed that you’ll see this design in 2021. No matter how accurate the leak is, it’s still relatively early. OnePlus has time to tweak the 9’s form factor if specs and requirements change. If this holds, however, it hints that OnePlus doesn’t intend to revolutionize its phones — at least, not on the outside.




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