OLED vs QLED: the premium TV panel technologies compared


The question of OLED vs QLED is an important one to ask yourself when buying a new television these days. Even though the past decade has seen countless TV advancements and competing technologies, the battle of these two TV tech types is a close one – and largely, there is no right answer, just whatever is best for you, your preferences and your budget. 

It’s a good time to be shopping for a new TV as Black Friday kicks off on November 27 and we’ve already seen plenty of deals roll in ahead of the sales event. What’s more, Cyber Monday follows shortly after, which is always a great time to get tech bargains. The problem is, we never know which TVs will be getting discounts. There’s a chance some of the top OLED and QLED TVs will be reduced, so keep checking back to TechRadar for the latest bargains. 




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