Office Star Thinks Oscar’s Favorite Boss Was Robert California, Not Michael Scott


Oscar Nunez, who played Oscar Martinez on The Office, says Robert California was his character’s favorite boss, beating out Michael Scott.

Oscar Nunez, who played Oscar Martinez on The Office, says Robert California (James Spader) was his character’s favorite boss, beating Michael Scott (Steve Carell). Nunez was part of the show throughout its nine-season run, growing into the role of the sarcastic but ultimately even-keeled accountant as he was given more storylines. Some of the show’s most memorable scenes involved the underrated character, including one where Michael kisses him without his consent to prove he isn’t homophobic, only ending up convincing everyone he is the exact opposite.

Nunez also spent a lot of time on screen with The Office’s resident killjoy Angela (Angela Kinsey), with the pair clashing at various times throughout the series. He ends up living with her, though, after he causes the breakup of her marriage by carrying out an affair with her first husband, Robert Lipton. He saves some of his most sarcastic comments for her and the third accountant in the show, Kevin Malone (Brian Baumgartner). However, the character Oscar clashed with the most was probably Michael Scott, making Nunez’s comments about who his character’s favorite boss is understandable.

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Speaking to Collider to promote The Office’s move to NBC’s streaming service, Peacock, Nunez admits there was no way Michael would have been his favorite boss. Instead, he says Robert California probably would have made it to the top, thanks to him mostly leaving Oscar alone. By deduction, then, it’s clear Nunez thinks Michael’s overly-familiar management style didn’t sit right with the accountant. He also mentions Jo Bennett (Kathy Bates), as she also “stayed in her space.” You can read Nunez’s full comments below:

It’s certainly not Michael I don’t think. I think probably the person who left him alone the most, probably Robert California. Or Kathy Bates, her character was pretty, pretty cool. She stayed in her, you know, in her space.

Nunez’s sentiments are hardly surprising, given that Michael always irritated and often belittled the accountant. Nunez portrayed the character as a smart, proud no-nonsense man, and there was no doubt Michael’s antics, particularly the unscripted kiss from season 3’s debut episode “Gay Witch Hunt.” On the other hand, Oscar is visibly excited to be around Robert California, most notably in season 8, episode 12, “Pool Party,” when the staff all have a party at their boss’ soon-to-be-sold mansion.

That Jo is his second choice is also no surprise, as her all-business attitude would have been just the kind of thing Oscar would have appreciated. Ironically, in keeping with his character, Oscar interacted very infrequently with both of those bosses, another sign that Oscar wanted to keep himself to himself. Sadly, Michael was probably behind other bosses, likely only beating out Will Ferrell’s DeAngelo Vickers as Oscar’s least favorite boss on The Office.

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Source: Collider

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