Office Apps Get new Sketchy Shapes


If you are using Microsoft Office Insider, then the giant has introduced a new Sketchy Shapes feature for you. According to this new feature, users will be able to convert regular diagrams and shapes into stylish and modern sketchy shapes.

The feature is now official and anyone can start using it on a respective system with Microsoft’s Office Apps. This new feature is added by Microsoft to let the users know that the work is not done yet. They can make sketchy shapes before adding Watermarks to their work and diagrams.

Instead of perfect lined shapes, the new Sketchy Shapes look like hand-drawn sketches which are quite innovative. The company has released an official blog post introducing this new feature for the Office Insiders. You can get more information about this new feature from the Blog post itself.

Interestingly, you can customize the Sketchy Shapes of diagrams and other work as well. You can also change their colors, sizes and other aspects as per your requirements. Once you are done with the Sketchy Shapes, you can convert them into Professional shape by clicking on to the Switch given on the page. This will convert your diagram into professional shape.

The company has released this feature for the Windows 10 PC users running on a version 1907. For Mac users, the same feature is available for version 16.28. The original version for Windows Insiders is yet to be released officially by Microsoft.

Let’s see how this new Sketchy Shapes feature works:

First, you need to create a diagram or a design using Microsoft Office Insider and then select the shape you want to apply to your work from the given options. Go to Shape Format section and select the Shape Outline feature. There will see Sketchy options from where you can apply the final effect to your work or diagram.

For multiple diagrams, you can select the shape and set it as the default shape for all the diagrams. So you will not be asked to change the shape style manually again and again for your multiple diagrams.

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