NVIDIA’s latest desktop workstation has four 80GB GPUs


Back in May, NVIDIA announced a ridiculously powerful GPU called the A100. The card was designed for data center systems, however, such as the company’s own DGX A100, rather than anything that the average consumer would run at home. Today, the company has announced the DGX Station A100 which, as the name implies, has the form factor of a desk-bound workstation. It comes with four A100 GPUs — either the 40GB model that the original DGX A100 system came with, or a new 80GB version. If customers go with the latter, they’ll have 320GB of GPU memory to play with. (We’re not jealous at all…)

Like the DGX A100, the DGX Station A100 is meant for the science and business world. The kind of research and engineering outfits that are crunching massive datasets and investing heavily in machine learning and artificial intelligence. As my colleague Chris Schodt explained earlier this year (watch his explainer, it’s seriously good), you won’t be gaming on an A100 card anytime soon. It leverages an architecture called Ampere, however, which is now being used in consumer cards such as the GeForce RTX 3080. So while you can’t have an 80GB GPU in your gaming PC, it is possible to leverage some of the same technologies… provided you still have some serious cash to burn.




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