Now You can Copy and Paste Objects to Real World With AR Cut and Paste


Augmented Reality brings the virtual world to the real world. Cyril Diagne, a programmer developed a new app called AR Cut and Paste which is powered by Augmented Reality.

As the name suggests, you can now bring the virtual objects to your real-world using this app on a smartphone. You can take a snap of an object using this app, cut it down its background and paste it in the photoshop.

The programmer has also prepared a short video of how this new app will work out in real-world for the users who really want to use the latest Augmented Reality powered app. You can follow the official video and the tweet with all the information in the below given embedded tweet.

As you can see in the video, Cyril has taken a few snaps from real world using the app and then he has added those objects on the project on which he is currently working on using this app. The app works super faster which only takes 2.5 seconds for cutting and four seconds for pasting the objects.

The app or we can say the new program is not there for the common users. It requires some technical skills and basic knowledge of using photoshop and other applications simultaneously.

He has created an algorithm that works well with multiple systems and apps at the same time. An algorithm detects the placement of the smartphone’s camera on a particular object and it will paste at the right point in the Photoshop app which is currently on on your computer’s screen.

It is indeed a revolutionary invention for professional photo-editors who can become a great editor by making use of this real-life photo capturing app AR Cut and Paste.

For now, the AR Cut and Paste app is compatible to work with Photoshop Software only. However, we may get to see the app’s compatibility with more software in the coming weeks. The developer is working hard to expand its territory by making it more compatible. We will get to hear more from the developer in the coming days.

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