Nokia’s New Technology Will Double the Phone’s Battery Life


The Subsidiary of Nokia, Nokia Bell Labs, has come up with a new technology that could potentially resolve the battery-related issues on future phones. Yes, the company has teamed up with new materials and BioEngineering Research for battery composition for future phones. This new formula will double the battery life without doubling its size.

Yes, the new formula which is being developed by Nokia Bell Labs that could resolve this battery issue on the smartphones. The new battery’s size will be the same, there will be no changes to its size and it will offer double the performance.

Both the Research Firms have announced their new Battery Composition formula at an event held at Trinity College Dublin. As per their statements, this could offer up to 2.5 times the actual battery life with the same size of the battery.

Over 70% of the Smartphones users are complaining about the poor battery life. Most of them are worried and keep a power bank handy to keep their phones alive when they travel. If we talk about future phones, the world is gearing up towards the 5G connectivity. In this situation, battery life would become a major problem for manufacturers.

Well, Nokia is there to resolve this battery issue as they have already developed a formula to double the battery life on the smartphones.

The future of Technology will become more advanced and we all are full of hope with the giants like Nokia and many other ones to make things easier for us. More and more devices will get connected with each other with 5G Networks and the battery life will be a crucial thing for the users.

The new design of the battery of smartphones will be integrated with more features than just powering your phones. The design will improve the powering of renewable energy grids. It can also be used to recharge the drone’s batteries and other industrial devices at ease.

To protect their design, the researchers of the labs have already filed their patents. The same will be licensed by the authority for the public very soon. This was about Nokia’s planning for the future. We might get to hear from other smartphone manufacturers about the same technology for their future phones.

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