Nintendo’s Fortnite Themed Switch Console Bundle Announced


There is great news for the fans of Fortnite and lovers of Nintendo Gaming consoles. Just recently yesterday, Nintendo announced their Switch having a Fortnite bundle with exclusive items. It isn’t something to be shocked as Nintendo made some bundles before, and Fortnite is a raging its popularity right now.

This bundle is the result of their extension of the partnership with Epic Games, and it will hit on stores very soon, it will be on October 5. This Fornite Bundle includes the hottest gaming system popular in the market today. The bundle will also include a lot of unique weapons and outfits as an incentive for the loyal fans.

Fans can also get 1000 v-bucks (currency you usually have to purchase in-game) to buy premium items or new dance moves to a battle pass subscription. This will then give the players an access to more special items and cool outfits.

The bundle is about $300 which has the same price as a Standalone Switch so that a lot of people can purchase it. A special offer for a regular price as we can see. We can see that Epic Games (Fortnite creator) has offered some exclusive items in different platforms before, but it the first time in its history to be done on the Switch.

One thing is clear, Nintendo was continuously gaining the applause of gamers and on the other side, Fortnite is quickly becoming popular too, so what more can we expect as their partnership continues?  Everything may be possible, update after updates, it is getting better, and TechnoCodex is taking a close look at these, so make sure to be always updated.

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