Nintendo to Launch 4K Switch Console by 2019?


Although Nintendo is gaining a lot of popularity increase and industry success, we can turn our back into the fact that it is being underpowered by its rival consoles like PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, which can also give the gamers the same gaming experience on 4K.  These are also equipped with better specifications and improved game resolutions that Nintendo must take as a great challenge.  Resolution is one of a great deal to consider in terms of gaming experience, and that’s what a lot of gamers like.

There is a good looking rumor regarding this topic, as Marcus Sellars, an “industry insider”, showcased a great spoiler via tweeter that has been later deleted.  According to him, Nintendo is on the step to launch a 4K Console in 2019, this console will be one step ahead compared to its other versions as it has a feature of  8 GB ram, 128 GB storage, and a dynamic scaling that will let the gamers put the game resolution up to 4k.

It’s a great counter-attack of Nintendo to think of, as it will rival the overpowered consoles mentioned earlier, and might even kick them out of the game.  But we must be cautious as Marcus Sellars has a mixed record of sharing unverified news and some reliable source.  An example of its fraud leak is his claim about Call of Duty: Black Ops that it will make its way onto the switch, but it is just a good for nothing, as it never happened.

There are a lot of factors to be considered about this latest leak.  First, it seems so unlikely for Nintendo to release an upgraded version of Switch so early in 2019.  Second is because of the claim that it will support Twitch streaming, as Nintendo said that game streaming is not fun, and they didn’t mention any future plans about it yet.

Although it seems unlikely that Nintendo will release their upgraded version of switch, nothing is impossible as the console competition still goes on. Stay tuned with TechnoCodex for more updates.

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