Nintendo Switch Version 11.0.0 Adds New Sharing Features, Icons and More in New Switch Update


The latest version of the Switch firmware is here and introduces a slew of new features, including the ability to share images more easily

While most updates for the Nintendo Switch come in the form of smaller, system-level changes or, more often than not, changes so minuscule that only hackers and hardware experts can spot the difference, every once in a while, they offer something genuinely new and occasionally even exciting. Switch version 11.0.0 is one of those rare, exciting updates that adds new quality-of-life features and other interesting touches to the general user experience on the Switch.

Much like all recent Nintendo announcements, the update was revealed in a Tweet from Nintendo of America’s official account. Headlining the announcement thread is probably one of the coolest new features to be added to the Switch in a while: users can now share screenshots and video captures directly to their phone using a QR code. Notably, the post, as well as the pages detailing the feature, are missing any mention of the much-reviled Nintendo Switch smartphone app.

On top of being able to easily transfer videos and screenshots to their smartphones, Switch users will also be able to send them to their computers using a USB connection.

The other, more interesting addition to the Switch’s decreasingly barebones UI is the addition of the ‘Trending’ feature, which adds a section on the Switch’s profile page located under the user’s friends list. This weird little feature allows players to see games that are trending among people on their friends list.

The less sexy additions are features that have proven very useful for other consoles: users can now choose to automatically download save data that’s been stored in the cloud for easier switching from device to device and users are now able to prioritize their active downloads. For a full list of all the changes introduced in Switch Version 11.0.0, including the new profile icons, check out Nintendo’s official support page.




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